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Parenting Workshops For Teens

Positive Discipline for Positive Growth

Connected Corrections is here to empower both parents and teachers with the knowledge and resources they need to help teens reach their full potential. We offer parenting workshops for teens, as well as modules that help promote positive discipline techniques.

Positive discipline is a powerful and effective approach to parenting that focuses on building strong relationships between parents and their children. It promotes respect, teaches problem-solving skills, encourages responsibility and self-control, and helps foster positive communication.

At the core of positive discipline is the belief that it takes both love and limits to help children grow into responsible adults. Positive discipline does not involve punishment, but rather encourages parents to set clear and consistent boundaries so children can learn how to make the right decisions to achieve success. By setting these limits and expectations, children develop a sense of security that comes with knowing they will be held accountable for their actions.

Positive discipline also involves teaching children problem-solving and decision-making techniques. Rather than punishing a child for making mistakes, parents should encourage them to take responsibility by asking questions that help the child think through choices and consequences. By allowing children to be active participants in their own learning, they develop life skills such as self-confidence and critical thinking.

Positive discipline also encourages communication between parents and children. By talking about feelings, expectations, and goals in a safe environment, it can help children build relationships with their parents and develop social skills. It is important for children to understand that making mistakes are part of learning and growth, so failure should not be viewed as a negative thing but rather an opportunity to learn and grow.

Overall, positive discipline is an effective approach to parenting that builds strong relationships between parents and children while teaching life skills such as problem-solving and communication. By providing love and limits, children can learn how to make the right decisions for themselves and develop into responsible adults. If you’re looking for a way to improve the relationship with your teen, consider implementing positive discipline techniques.


By working together, teachers and parents can help teens reach their full potential. At Connected Corrections, we offer modules that provide the tools necessary to implement effective parenting strategies and support teenagers during this important period in their lives.

Our purpose is to create an environment for teens where respect and understanding are encouraged, and any contributing negative behavior is replaced by a sense of control, mastery and accomplishment. Ultimately our aim is for parents and teachers to truly understand the young person in their care, foster a close bond of trust and confidence between them, and ensure young people see themselves as valued members of the community.

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